Elin Petrol Service Station KORRES MICHALIS

At Elin gas station of Michalis Korres, we offer an excellent service and top quality products at the most competitive market prices. Our daily objective is to reciprocate the trust of our customers by ensuring a prompt and complete coverage of their needs.

Fuels - Lubricants
At our gas station, at Loukaki Naxos, you will find top Greek fuels that protect the engine from deterioration while respecting the environment. Specifically, we provide you with :

·      100 RON & 95 RON Gasoline
·      Crystal Unleaded gasoline
·      Diesel (Diesel Drive & Diesel Crystal)
·      Heating Oil

Also, we provide Elin lubricants for a total engine protection and high performance.

Service & Car Care
Our staff is ready to serve you anytime, directly and responsibly. Moreover, in our gas station you can be served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our fuel vending machine so that you will never run out of fuel! To take care of your car, we select the world’s leading Nilfisk Alto system to provide :

·      Exterior wash
·      High pressure wash
·      Chassis wash
·      Interior cleaning
·      Biological interior cleaning
·      Waxing with cold and hot wax

E card Membership Card

With E card membership card, you win every time you use it! So, whenever you refuel your car, you collect points and you earn gifts and free services as a reward for trusting us.

Retail Shop

In the shop of our service station, you can do your last minute shopping. Besides Elin lubricants and accessories, you will find tobacco products, snacks, soft drinks, etc. In our service station we accept personal and company credit cards.


In our service station you will find a variety of spare parts, such as rubber connecting chains for motorbikes, spark plugs, tools, belts, filters, antifreeze, accessories and other professional products.

At Elin - Korres gas station you can find:

  • Elin service station
  • Car wash, also for motorbikes and boats
  • Lubrication
  • 24h Mini Market
  • Fuel vending machine
  • Professional tools
  • Oil change
  • Accessories
  • Micro services
  • Distribution
  • Heating oil

Heating ​Oil

We offer top quality heating oil which you can get either at our service station or by home delivery. Elin tank truck will fill your reservoir wherever you are, without difficulty, and will deliver the exact ordered quantity. We offer a prompt service with just a telephone call.

Refueling boats

Refueling boats in Naxos is done by using modern tank trucks. We have the capability to supply any quantity and type of fuel you need. Following a mutual agreement, the refueling can be done at the place that suits you best, At your request, we can provide you with a fuel sample in a plastic bottle so you can check the quality. 

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Elin Petrol Service Station
Michalis Korres

Loukaki, Chora, 84300, Naxos
Tel.: 22850 23380
Mob.: 6944 188 409
Fax: 22850 22987